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OpenStreetMap Togo

OpenStreetMap Togo (OSM Togo) is an association established in 1901, under association's national regulations. It has been created in 2013. The goal is to develop OpenStreetMap (OSM) project throughout the country (Togo) with targeted actions such as promotion, training, capacity building (especially at the community level) and implementation of focused actions on the use of OpenStreetMap Data in the humanitarian field and development action. Further more, our goals take into account the creation, dissemination and the use of mapping data under free license compatible with ODbL (Open Data Base License).

Logo de OSMTogo
Logo of OpenStreetMap Togo

The association conducts the activities with his volunteers members as well as all OpenStreetMap worldwide volunteer contributors.
These actions help to develop the creation of geographic information of quality, coupled with a constant training activity through community mapping techniques more or less used by OpenStreetMap project. This will involve and stir up actors from different developement areas (International Organizations, Governments, NGOs, scholars as well as academics, the private sector, ICT and civil society).

Our Activities

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Production of geographic information in the OpenStreetMap environment 99%
Staff Training of government or structures interested in geographic information 90%
Documentation 76%