HOT Export V3 is available

HOT OSM (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) launch the Version 3 of the HOT Export Tool this September 18, 2017.

The HOT Export Tool allows users to create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports for various regions, by specifying an area of interest and a list of features. Within minutes, up-to-date OSM data is extracted for the area and filtered based on the selected features before it is converted from the native PBF file into other data formats. Redevelopment of the original Export Tool took place in 2015 to create Version 2, which went live on the 5th of October and saw great improvements to the overall functionality. This included greater flexibility in selecting the export area of interest with the ability to type in coordinates, the addition of the OSMAnd file format .obf and addressing key bugs. The biggest overhaul however, was the frontend refactor which focused on making the interface more modern, intuitive and user friendly.

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