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OpenStreetMap (OSM), often referred to as the Wikipedia of Map, is a collaborative, web-based international project that aims to create an open geographical data (OpenDatabase License / ODbL) based on volunteers works contributings from many countries. OSM operates by importing existing geographic databases (ODbL or public domain), creating Geographic Information via digitization from satellite imagery made available to the project, the collection of field data using GPS, smartphones, scanned maps and / or questionnaires.

Logo du projet OpenStreetMap
Logo of OpenStreetMap (OSM) Project

The Community dimension of the project, both locally and internationally, is one of the major strengths of the OSM project. It is based on a dynamic of volunteerism and openness in action among all actors (governmental, academic, civil society, private sector, communities of interest, individuals) wishing to create Geographic information and to have content and services based on these geographic data for any sector of activities.

The possible uses of the OSM data are very diverse: paper maps, web maps, maps on GPS terminals, mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets), spatial analyzes, routing etc ...

“OpenStreetMap, c’est toute une communauté qui fait sa part, créant une ressource incroyable pour n’importe qui.”
Photo de Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee
créateur du web, expliquant OSM au TED 2009.